Approfittando dell’interruzione delle attivita` dell’organizzazione per cui lavoro, stavo lavorando a un articolo sul tema: quale futuro per il Donbass (e il carbone) in un’eventuale Ucraina unita e pacificata? David Marples, uno dei massimi esperti di Ucraina al mondo, fortunatamente ne ha gia` scritto molto meglio di quanto potessi fare io.

Current Politics in Ukraine

David Marples

The separatist insurgence in Donetsk and Luhansk has raised questions about the future of this region as part of Ukraine. Opinion polls suggest that the supporters of separatism constitute only a small minority (http://uacrisis.org/kiis-survey-ukraines-southeast/). On the other hand, much of the population was disaffected by the events of the Euromaidan and alienated by the interim government that was formed after the departure of former president Viktor Yanukovych. In late May, about 1,000 miners took part in a pro-separatist rally against the Ukrainian government’s “anti-terrorist operation” in the region, led by a miners’ union with close ties to the former president (http://www.themoscowtimes.com/news/article/donetsk-miners-rally-in-favor-of-separatists-in-eastern-ukraine/501043.html).

Clearly many miners are disaffected and discontented. The question that should be at the forefront of attention perhaps is the future of the coal industry; a sector that has been struggling since the 1980s, but retains the potential to play an important role…

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